‘Flava’ Favre is king of new reality TV sports culture

It won’t be long before the paparazzi photograph a panty-less Brett Favre exiting a luxury vehicle, exposing the Hall of Famer’s full monty for the enjoyment of TMZ gawkers.

“Britney Favre” — a nickname coined by Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski — is just the latest example of pro sports’ joyous descent into the reality-TV show abyss.
Commissioner Roger Goodell can rename the 2009 NFL season “The Flavor of Favre.”
ESPN has run the pilot episode on a constant loop since Favre’s last fake retirement in February. Chris Mortensen, Ed Werder and Peter King were the potential brides eventually stiffed by Favre and his handlers, who surprisingly flirted with Jay Glazer in the Episode 1 cliffhanger.