Florida Gators or Cincinnati Bearcats: Which Team Has More To Prove?

That’s the question most if not all citizens of the Gator and Bearcat Nation are asking. After being defeated easily in the SEC Championship game, the Florida Gators are now relegated to playing in the Sugar Bowl against the now coach-less Big East champions, the Cincinnati Bearcats.

On his weekly television show after the SEC Championship game, Coach Urban Meyer expressed his excitement about playing in the Sugar Bowl for the first time, and it seemed he was doing his best to convince Gator fans that playing in New Orleans on New Year’s Day was a great thing for the Florida Gators.

I’m not sure he sold himself.

Regardless, the Gators will play the Bearcats for pride, and the Gator Nation will get one more chance to see Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes, and other seniors play for the last time.

Both teams have Top-15 offenses with Cincinnati ranked No. 6 and Florida No. 12. Defensively, Florida has the definite edge being ranked No. 4 whereas the Bearcats are way down on the list at No. 48.

Drilling down a bit further, Cincinnati is ranked No. 56 in rushing defense, and they give up 141 yards per game on the ground. Not good when you are facing Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators’ spread offense and a very potent rushing attack. The Gators are ranked No. 10 through 13 games this season, and average over 225 yards per game.