Florida’s Meyer must not get distracted by critics

To go cliché, there might be only one team that can beat Florida this year and that’s Florida. That needs to be put on a bumper sticker and slapped on head coach Urban Meyer’s car after he was involved in yet another kitten fight.
First, Stewie Griffin, a.k.a. Lane Kiffin, did the equivalent of “I’m not touching you,” while holding his finger one inch away from Meyer’s face, by claiming the Gators violated recruiting rules. Meyer and Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley were in the right by saying Kiffin was out of line. But instead of blowing off the new guy who was obviously trying to stir the pot, they let Kiffin get under their skin. Meyer has even taken jabs at Kiffin for the now-infamous stunt of ripping off the shirts of recruits in a gimmicky tough-guy ploy. Kiffin has taken up residence in Meyer’s kitchen and he’s making biscuits.