The audacity of these elected officials is beyond reasoning. We elect them to represent us, to be our voice, to stand and fight for us. Yet, they won’t even come home and face Mississippians?

From the article…

“Congressman Harper said he prefers to hold “tele-town halls,” believing they are more effective and efficient. Such events are conducted via telephone.
“They say they are a citizen group, but this is not anything more than Democratic party protesters,” Harper said.”

I don’t know why Harper would be afraid to answer questions from some Democrats… he votes with them more than he does with conservatives. And that he thinks a conference call is more effective than a face-to-face town hall is laughable.

While our federal delegation is afraid to defend their record Sen. Chris McDaniel will be the only conservative on a panel tonight at Millsaps College regarding “The Fate of Obamacare in Mississippi.” It’s a very liberal topic, organized by supporters of Obamacare. Yet, Sen. McDaniel knows it’s important enough that the conservative point of view must be offered that he is very willing to go into a non-favorable environment.

Hard to believe how little backbone is left in the Republican Party. It’s past time we wake up and elect Republicans who are going to act like Republicans.