Anita and Jerry spin Zach Scruggs’ sentencing differently

Both reports describe Mike Moore’s getting crossways with Judge Biggers, Jerry’s (the longer) focusing on this farther down but in more detail. He repeats, without attribution this time (second graf), the hint he received yesterday from Todd Graves, that Team Zach may pull itself together to appeal the sentence. But only in the next-to-last graf do we find a possible theory of that appeal:

After the hearing, Moore said of Zach Scruggs, “His father is involved in something. What’s he going to do? Turn his father in?”

If that’s Mike Moore’s theory, and Zach’s still listening to him, they’re still missing the point they most need to see: Yes, Zach and Mike, “turning Dickie — and everybody else — in” always was and still is the only route out of Zach’s fix. If Anita Lee and all the rest of us see it, why can’t you guys?