Are Fred Thompson and Joe Biden ready for their cameos?

Yes, my brother and sister Scruggsians, let’s give a warm Southern welcome to the phlegmatic Republican and motormouth Dem — ladies and gentlemen, I give you Fred Thompson and Joe Biden! [Red and Blue groans fill the hall]

I meant to mention this a couple of days ago and got distracted by larger news, but: On Monday in WSJ’s Law Blog, Peter Lattman reported that Tim Balducci and Steve Patterson have put their money on the horse I’ve always called Bidenteefies. No, not even they were doofus enough to be thinking “President Teefies” — rather, they expected (”according to two people familiar with their thinking”) that Joe “would become Secretary of State under a Hillary Clinton administration.” Accordingly,

In August, Balducci, Patterson, [former MS Gov. Bill] Allain, [Dickie] Scruggs, and two others hosted a Oxford fundraising event for Biden. Employees of Patterson Balducci have contributed about $26,000 to the Biden campaign, according to fundraising records. (Click here for an invitation to the fundraiser and here, here, and here for info on the Biden contributions; and here for info on Scruggs contributions.)

The Law Blog has asked the Biden campaign several times for comment on his connection to Patterson Balducci but has not heard back.

Any of y’all locals know who these “two others” were? (No big, I’m just nosey.) Maybe one was Joey Langston? Hmmm . . . was Billy Quin the other? Anyhoo, see Teefies hit the silk and return some checks, huh? But now, it may be that ol’ Fred Thompson is at least as uncomfortable as Joe Biden, or soon will be, in the glare of Scruggs publicity, though explaining why takes a little more doing.