Atty General Hood fires back at Judge Acker. One bullet is a blank

One of several remarkable things in Judge Acker’s opinion yesterday is the persistent sideswipes at Attorney General Hood’s status as a law enforcement officer. Hood is of course the chief legal officer of the state, and by definition a law enforcement officer. Well, Attorney General Hood is not particularly impressed with Judge Acker’s opinion. And so, while he has a legitimate beef with Judge Acker’s reading of the Mississippi Constitution, I’m not sure General Hood (or whoever wrote his response) is completely up on the US Constitution, specifically Article III.

I have a question: Can the Alabama Commission on Judicial Performance have much if anything to say to a sitting federal judge? Maybe someone needs to tell General Hood that he’ll have better results with either the Judicial Conference of the 11th Circuit or Congress, although I don’t think anyone is going to impeach Judge Acker over this.