Balducci “lays the corn on the ground,” 9/21

Lackey: (with some interuptions by Balducci) now, well, I would, you tell ya that what I need, and it may be more, than, than um Mr. Scruggs or whoever would even consider, but, uh, to get me over a hump, I need forty.

Balducci: Forty? Ok.

Lackey: Yeah.

Balducci: Um, alright, you need it pretty soon?

I’m not sure this exactly supports the defense theory of Balducci’s resistance.

Judge Lackey sets a deadline of October 1st, and says “if they, uh if that’s uh inconceivable, uh.” Balducci responds, “No, it, it’s not inconceivable.” Lackey says he could wait on the remainder until the first of November. Balducci says that’s not a problem, and he needs to figure out a way to get it to him.

Balducci: Do you want, are you gonna have to have in cash? Probably the best way isn’t it.

They agree on that.

Balducci: Well, I’m, what I’ma do is I’m gonna take care of it and you just let me take care of it through me…”

Lackey says he does not want a nickel from Balducci, and Balducci says “that’s not what it’s gonna be.” Lackey says to bring him the order and he will sign it. He says he does not have the old one, that he’s beein “wishy washy in this, and, uh, other things have been bothering me.”

Baldducci says, “I understand. I wanna talk to you, I wanna, I wanna lay, lay the corn on the ground too, while we’re here, and I’ll find out what… what’s you’re plans, judge? What are you gonna do, what are you thinkin’ you[’re gonna do? How much time you got left in your term.” Lackey says he has three years, but has his health situation.