folo’s dozen questions about Scruggsiana

4. [lotus] How did P.L. Blake, raised beside the Tallahatchie River in a shack made from an abandoned schoolbus, go from Miss. State and Canadian League football-player to Fifty Million Dollar Man? I’ve heard that he hooked up with Senator Eastland and went from there. But went where and to whom?

5. [NMC] What exactly was Steve Patterson doing while employed at the Langston Law Firm up there in Booneville?

6. [lotus] How did Joe Biden get so chummy with these Mississippi boys, and how has that worked for him over the years?

7. [NMC] What was the Kentucky project Patterson and Balducci were chasing in early-to-middle 2007?

8. [lotus] I hear Dickie and the gang were “throwing around money like a manure-spreader in the field” after the tobacco settlement. Who got how much? (Is this #6 in sheep’s clothing?)

9. [NMC] What exactly did Patterson and Balducci tell Jim Hood to convince him to drop the State Farm prosecution?