Hood, Patterson, Balducci, Scruggs, and State Farm– events of 12/06 and 1/07

So here are a couple of questions, very simple ones: When was that 2-3 weeks or a month that Hood didn’t speak to Scruggs’s side? And when did Patterson and Balducci (whose firm started for business January 1, 2007) meet with Hood? If anyone has any documents or evidence about what happened in the negotiations involving State Farm, Hood, and Scruggs or Scruggs Katrina Group between December 13, 2006 and January 17, 2007, I would appreciate it.

I want to start with facts that are pretty well established. On Friday, December 8th, when the injunction was entered in the Renfroe case, Scruggs called Hood about it and they ended up speaking on Hood’s cell phone. Reading Scruggs’s testimony carefully, it seems that it was during this conversation or one later that weekend that the idea came up of sending the documents to Hood. Scruggs refused to say in his testimony in the contempt hearing whose idea it was, and it is not entirely clear whether it was during the first conversation or in one later that weekend.

Hood’s testimony about all this in Natchez is very strange. He seems hesitant to admit he talked to Scruggs, then says he remembers talking to Scruggs, but doesn’t remember about what. He then says it may have been on Friday December 9th (although 12/9/06 was Saturday…) while he was driving to Natchez for his anniversary, which he remembers because he felt bad about talking on the cell phone all the way to Natchez with his wife in the car, but then seems not quite willing to say it was Scruggs he had on the phone.