May 3rd, Balducci and Judge Lackey– the FBI report

Balducci planned on bringing in former Mississippi Governor Bill Allain and Ed Peters into his law firm.”

Ed Peters and Bill Allain. This is a really weird pairing.

Balducci talked about new cases in his office. Lackey mentioned that there was a hearing set for May 24th in the Jones case “and that no summary motions were set. Balducci states that we had a change of strategy, and wanted to go back to arbitration and wanted the SOURCE to affirm the contract which sends disputes to aribitration.”

There is a very important contradiction between the story I understood all along– that there was a change in strategy according to Balducci — and what I heard Balducci to say from the witness stand last week. After hearing Balducci, I thought he was stating that the plan was arbitration all along, and that Scruggs wanted the non-contract claims dismissed by Judge Lackey and then the case sent to arbitration. Here, Judge Lackey is recalling that Balducci initially wanted the whole lawsuit dismissed, but now was suggesting a change of strategy toward arbitration.