Mike Moore’s narrative of his role in the Katrina Cases

He begins by saying his role in the Katrina litigation “was primarily as a facilitator and negotiator between the parties which included Attorney General Hood, the Scruggs Katrina Group (the SKG), Insurance Commissioner George Dale and State Farm. The cases which were being negotiated involved the proposed class resolution (the Woullard case), the State’s civil lawsuit and criminal investigation. … The objective and goal was to achieve a global resolution of all cases which provided a fair resolution for all parties….” It then says that although Moore “presently represent[s] the McIntoshes” he has never been part of either SKG or KLG. “Furthermore, I do not have an agreement to receive any compensation nor have I been promised any compensation in return for my involvement in the McIntosh case.” He states that he agreed to become involved in the McIntosh case because it involves “by far the most egregious” conduct by State Farm, and that, for that reason, he agreed to be involved on a pro bono basis.