November 1st, Balducci, Zach, and Backstrom shoot the bull, Part 1

They debate the terms of the order, with Zach worrying that if the case is not dismiss and Judge Lackey leaves the bench, they will be dealing with a new judge.

Then Balducci introduces the kicker. Grady has filed new motions, and, because of this:

Balducci: Um, the other piece of this puzzle I hadn’t told you yet is, uh, get it how you want it because I’ve got to, uh, I’ve gotta go back for another delivery of, uh, another bushel of sweet potatoes down there. So because of all this that has come up. So get it right. Get it how you want it ’cause we’re paying for it and get it done right.

Backstrom starts reading the order and says: “That’s good enough for me. I wouldn’t change anything. I’d just get ‘er done.” Balducci then says he’s going to take it down and see that it gets done quickly.