Pt. 2: May 29th-September 11th, Balducci and Lackey

There are three recorded conversations in this period: On May 29th, a phone call between Balducci and Judge Lackey, and then a meeting between the two on May 30th, and then on June 28th, a meeting between Judge Lackey and Tim Balducci. I haven’t found anything in the indictment, the governments applications for wiretaps or warrants, or in the transcripts offered up by the defense about what happened in these conversations.

What there is is pretty peculiar: Rather than produce transcripts, Keker’s team filed an affidavit of one of the lawyers, saying that he had reviewed the transcripts, that between May 4th and September 18th, there were seven instances in which Judge Lackey called Balducci but none the other way around. He doesn’t give the dates. One, May 9th, occurred in Judge Lackey’s chambers, so Balducci must have come there. Another is the May 21st “bodies buried” conversation, in which it hardly seems that Lackey is pursuing Balducci.