8/19/08 – Lawsuit that felled famed attorney settled
Alyssa Schnugg
Staff Writer

The lawsuit against former trial attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs — that led to his being incarcerated — has been settled, Oxford attorney Grady Tollison said this morning.

“We settled Thursday morning,” Tollison said.

On behalf of Jackson law firm, Jones, Funderburg, Sessums, Peterson & Lee, Tollison filed a lawsuit in March 2007 against Scruggs and other former members of the now defunct Scruggs Katrina Group. Jackson attorney Johnny Jones claimed his firm was pushed out of the Scruggs Katrina Group and only offered a fraction of what was owned to them for the firm’s work on several Hurricane Katrina-related cases.

Tollison said the amount of the settlement is confidential.

Also listed in the suit are the Barrett Law Office, Nutt & McAlister and Lovelace law firms — which were all part of the SKG when it was formed.

Tollison said his client has also settled with the Nutt & McAlister Law Firm. He said he expects to go to trial against the Barrett and Lovelace firms.

“We’re attempted to [settle] with them,” Tollison said. “But my feeling is, we’re headed for trial.”