The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Editorial, 5/7/8

While the 1st Congressional District’s ridiculously negative race for the vacant U.S. House seat formerly held by U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker roars toward Tuesday’s special election, voters seem likely to hear nothing from either Republican Greg Davis or Democrat Travis Childers about food prices that are moving toward 8 percent inflation this year.

Financial and business journals worldwide have focused on the developing situation in pricing and availability, and an Associated Press story in Tuesday’s Daily Journal reported pork and chicken prices – meat staples in our part of the nation – may be the next jolt at the cash register.

Reuters, an international news service, reported Tuesday that “weather-related delays in planting the U.S. corn crop could result in smaller yields and lower-than-expected production this year, and that could push record grain prices even higher and exacerbate the already burning debate over using crops for food or fuel.”

That point shouldn’t be lost on politicians, in household discussions, and in consideration of food’s affordability in a nation accustomed to pricing specials – and abundance.