“It’s you and me, baby, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.”

LSU coach Les Miles easily could have borrowed this line from the classic television show “The Jeffersons” when talking to junior quarterback Jordan Jefferson about the 2010 season.

For the first time since the 2006 season when JaMarcus Russell returned, the Tigers will open their season with the same quarterback that started the previous season.

LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton said the experience Jefferson gained last season will help him exponentially this season.

“Quarterbacks need to understand the offense, understand the game, understand the situations,” Crowton said. “And having that year under his belt as a starter for the whole year is something that will really help him.”

But Crowton is not finished attempting to perfect Jefferson’s game.

“We’re working on his accuracy, we’re working on keeping his feet up underneath him,” Crowton said. “As a runner, try to get him to get vertical and get down the field, and try to get him to get down instead of taking big hits.”

Jefferson spent much of the offseason working on his release time to cut down on sacks. In 2009, Jefferson led the Southeastern Conference and was eighth in the nation in sacks, going down 34 times.