Football Lessons Learned Entering 2009, Part II

No. 2: The SEC Keeps Spending Big
For many years, the most common complaints about the Southeastern Conference — from fans, coaches and other college officials — centered on cheating, and deservedly so. At one point, not long ago, 10 of the 12 SEC schools were either on probation or under investigation for NCAA violations.
Now the SEC is attracting negative whispers for another matter that could be viewed as a competitive advantage. This time, though, the league isn’t being accused of doing anything illegal or violating NCAA rules.

Here in 2009, and for many years now, the SEC merely is out-spending everyone — by a lot, in many cases — and that gives some athletic directors from other major conferences indigestion. It should make ACC fans nervous, too, because the SEC’s spending spree is making it a lot more difficult to attract and retain quality people, including head coaches and their assistants, which in turn can make it a lot more difficult to win on the field.