For Longhorns, No. 1 crown looks like a light load

AUSTIN, Texas — So much for the Oklahoma hangover.
So much for Missouri.
So much for the country?
If this is the pressure that goes with a No. 1 ranking, pass the margaritas and don’t stop until Memorial Stadium passes out. Texas could have put on some Willie Nelson and flip flops during warm ups and still covered the spread over No. 11 Missouri.
Putting on actual battle gear was unfair to the Tigers and a nation anticipating a prime-time classic. After all, the last time the ‘Horns actually played with a No. 1 ranking during the regular season (1984), the party lasted exactly two weeks and the season ended with a soooo Fred Akers-like 4-4-1 thud.
What’s different? Mack Brown. Ole Coach February. In his 11th year, the Texas coach is on track to win his second national championship in four years. If that is assuming too much at this point, you either didn’t watch Texas’ nationally-televised 56-31 clobbering of Missouri or you are Alabama — or Penn State.