For the love of the game – College football

Despite what your thermometer says, spring has arrived, at least if you believe the practice schedule at Miami, Stanford and a few other campuses. The 2009 season has begun, and if you’re like me, the seven weeks since the BCS National Championship Game felt as if they would never end. I took a little vacation, recharged the batteries and took a step back to appreciate 10 things I like about college football. My list will differ from yours, and I’d love to hear how.

1. The best regular season in sports: You want to quiet even a drumbeat for a college football playoff? Ask the drummer what will happen to the tension that builds every week from Labor Day to Christmas shopping. The BCS has its issues — don’t worry, we’re not going to rehash them here — but the one thing it has done in its 11 years of existence is ratchet up the excitement of the regular season.