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Here is the PDF of the House Plan

Proposed House Redistricting Plan Report

Proposed MS House Redistricting Long Report

Here’s the Republican Party’s statement

“The Republican Party encourages legislators on both sides of the aisle to take time, review not only the plan put forward by the House today but also alternative proposals, and to make the best decision for the people of Mississippi. It is amazing to think that twenty-four hours is enough time for anyone to review a plan that would change the shape of our state government for the next ten years.
A brief analysis of the House proposal has shown that Democrat incumbent legislators negotiated new district lines for themselves that removed prospective challengers from their districts. As a result, the Republican Party has begun a direct voter contact program into districts where this has taken place, encouraging constituents to contact their legislators and encourage them to vote against this self-serving plan or face the risk of severe backlash at the polls this November.”
Below is a sample script from the party’s direct voter contact efforts that began this evening:

ANNOUNCER: Representative Harvey Moss is putting his political interests ahead of Alcorn County’s. Elections are about choices, and Representative Moss is trying to take away your choice of who your next State Representative will be. Call Harvey Moss today at 662-287-6590, that’s 662-287-6590, and tell him that the voters of Alcorn County demand a representative who WON’T run away from a fight and re-draw his district to exclude his opponents. This call has been paid for by the Mississippi Republican Party, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www.MSGOP.org