Forget the calendar. College football season is here!
Silly me. After taking some time off I thought we would be able to sort of ease back into our daily visits about the game that we all love.
But this summer has again proven what I’ve been saying for years. There is no off-season for college football any more.

Yes, the calendar says the ACC (July 20-22) and SEC (July 23-25) preseason meetings are just around the corner. It also says that the first games won’t be played until August 28. But gentle readers, you can forget the calendar. Football is already here. And it’s good to be back.
Here are five examples I offer as proof that college football season never ends:
1. UGA VI: Only in college football and only in the South could the passing of a mascot evoke such emotion as when UGA VI passed away in June. I had a couple of friends from newspapers in other parts of the country call to ask why this was such a big deal. I tried to explain but bless them, you have to live in the South to understand.