3 On Your Side Investigates: Mike Moore’s next target

It was 20 years ago this summer that Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore stood before reporters in Washington to announce a milestone settlement, calling it the most historic public-health achievement in history….

…What he is doing is encouraging states and other public entities to sue the makers of opioid drugs, claiming -among other things, they pushed doctors to overprescribe the powerful pills meant for treatment of severe pain.

“(Opioid drugs are) not for somebody who has dental surgery or somebody who has shoulder surgery,” said Moore. “Shoulder surgery, sure, it hurts for a few days, but you don’t give a 30-day supply and then give them another 30-day supply, and then another 30-day supply, and then create an addict who has to go out and try to get another prescription, or if they can’t get another prescription, they go out on the street.”…

…Mississippi’s current attorney general, Jim Hood, filed the first lawsuit against the drugmakers, back in 2015. Since then, Moore and his team have convinced half a dozen more to file, and he expects that many more by this fall.