Former AG Moore says he’s appalled’ by Lackey testimony

“Judge Lackey either is very confused or he made up the story out of whole cloth,” Moore said.

“Jim Hood is a very, very close friend – he worked for me, supported me in my first campaign. I encouraged him to take my place.”

Moore, who represents Scruggs’ son Zach on his criminal charges in the Lackey bribery attempt, said he had an investigator interview Stallings and he made no mention of the conversation with Lackey.

“On the contrary, he told Lackey to call the AG’s office,” Moore added.

He also showed the Daily Journal a text message he had just received from Stallings, which confirmed the story.

Was Moore surprised to hear Lackey’s accusations from the stand Tuesday morning?

“Sure, I was appalled,” he said.

Moore also noted he, as attorney general, had removed Patterson from office as state auditor and prosecuted him.

“I of all people would not have anything to do with Steve Patterson,” he noted.

NE MS Daily Journal