State Bond Showdown: The Conservative Reconstruction of Tate Reeves

Keith Plunkett did not identify his affiliation with Billy Hewes, Tate Reeves former opponent in the LG race. That is important for context and something we thought should be highlighted.

Once able to work closely together to determine need versus indebtedness and come up with a number that still got the job done, the college board has been forced to resort to throwing the problem at the feet of the legislature and, in essence saying, “Okay, then you fix it!”

But, taxpayers may find there is something even more disturbing going on here than simple irresponsibility and a disregard for a quickly depreciating and crumbling infrastructure at Mississippi universities–a fact that alone will likely cost more in the long-run than if the problem were addressed sooner.

A look at the past record indicates what may be happening is the reconstruction of Tate Reeves image for future aspirations, at the expense of long-term savings for Mississippi taxpayers. At a time when the long-term costs of investment–maybe more appropriately described as non-investment–will be socking it to Mississippi taxpayers, Reeves would be long gone, on to bigger and better things. This is much akin to what occurred with PERS risky investments, another board Reeves sat on as treasurer. That debacle ended with Mississippi having to sue firms in order to get a smaller piece of state retiree’s money back after investing in risky mortgage schemes.

Reeves aspirations for higher office is no secret. But in order to get there, there have to be a few bona fides, either real or contrived. Building a conservative candidate narrative is tougher when the pattern and the particular don’t match up.

The particular instances we’re currently being spoon-fed by the Lt. Governor is a “tough on government waste” narrative. It’s not indicative, however, of the pattern.

Keith Plunkett
Mississippi PEP