The Truth to Charles ‘Pay to Say’ Johnson’s Stories

While I supported Chris and gave a year of my life to the campaign as a volunteer, I will not lie or put out things that are false to make the other side look bad! I was disappointed about the actions and behaviors of both sides of this campaign. I feel that both sides have made a circus out of this race and it needs to stop. While I whole heartedly believe there are certain people that HAVE to go! I also feel that using lies, distortions and undisclosed relationships to make the other side look bad is no better than the opposition! You then stoop to a level that makes you every bit as bad and guilty as those you oppose!

Most people on our side and those on Cochran’s side that know me, have all praised the way that I conducted myself throughout. I relayed what I believed Chris’s message to be and in a way that was not offensive, untruthful or closed minded! My relationships have been maintained and I have had no hard feelings or fences to mend since the campaign ended…..until now! Unfortunately, it is my own team that has crucified me, doubted me and portrayed me now in a false way !

Desoto County Reform