Former Duke lacrosse players give clinic at Hoover, tell about teammates’ indictments and later

About 50 of the top high school lacrosse players from across the state gathered at Hoover High School over the weekend for a two-day clinic.
They got the chance to work with three former members of one of the top programs in NCAA lacrosse, the Duke Blue Devils.
Yes, that Duke lacrosse team, the one that made headlines three years ago for something that happened off the field.

Ed Douglas, Nick O’Hara and Danny Loftus were on the Duke team that saw its 2006 season shut down after allegations of sexual assault were brought against three of their teammates – Reade Seligmann, David Evans and Collin Finnerty – who were indicted in the spring of that year on charges of rape, kidnapping, and sexual offense. They were later cleared of all charges and declared innocent by the attorney general of North Carolina.