Former head of Mississippi Democrats, Sam Hall, writes “Challenges Ahead For GOP At Every Level”

From my Sunday, Jan. 20, column:

Nosef believes the Republican Party made some obvious missteps last year, but he believes course correction is relatively easy. “We have to stop doing stupid stuff … and we have to stop selecting awful U.S. Senate candidates,” Nosef said, referring to former U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Missouri, and Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock, who both made controversial statements about rape and pregnancy.

Nosef also believes Republicans need to stop “chasing shiny objects” and work on messaging. He feels that most Americans agree with the heart of the Republican message but that too often candidates — and to an extent, the party as a whole — spend too much time on side issues to which most voters don’t connect.

And while Republicans in Mississippi are firmly in control of state government and have the political winds at their backs, new challenges have emerged. Republicans are starting to split along divisions that have always existed but were secondary to more overriding partisan concerns. Just as you have a tea party wing and a more traditional wing of the GOP on the national level, you have subsections in Mississippi that follow along the similar lines.

Clarion Ledger
Sam Hall