Former Lafayette County Employee Arrested for Embezzlement

Heather Thomas Peters, of Oxford, was arrested today on charges of embezzling public funds from the Lafayette County District Attorney’s Office according to State Auditor Stacey Pickering.

“Evidence shows that Ms. Peters embezzled almost $1,800 from the District Attorney’s Bad Check Unit, which she managed until December 2013,” Pickering said. “She is also accused of charging another $2,000 on a Wal-Mart credit card belonging to the DA’s office.”

Auditor’s Office investigators and Lafayette County deputies took Ms. Peters, 45, into custody following a year-long investigation. She was issued an $8,002.97 civil demand to cover the amount of money embezzled and investigative costs.

“This case was referred to the Auditor’s Office by the Lafayette County District Attorney’s Office following an internal audit,” Pickering said. “Public corruption does not take a holiday and our office is sworn to uphold the laws of this state regardless of the amount of money taken. Public money belongs to the taxpayers,” Pickering added.

State Auditor Stacey Pickering Press Release