Former Longhorns Thomas, Williams and Johnson making their marks off the football field

Three college freshmen talked about NFL riches and Super Bowls. They dreamed of winning national football championships. They even threw around the idea of doing a football camp for kids one day.
None of them won that coveted national title, although one has realized NFL riches and hopes to one day play in a Super Bowl.
While taking divergent paths, three old friends — former Longhorns Roy Williams, B.J. Johnson and Sloan Thomas — are making good on that third goal.
Long before Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce teamed up, Williams, Johnson and Thomas formed the Big 3, the most productive receiving trio in Texas football history. And produce they did, to the tune of 481 combined catches for 7,617 yards and 64 touchdowns.

Their days of playing together long over, the trio has come together for the second year of their Texas Premier Camp, a two-day affair that’s scheduled for July 10-11 at LBJ High School. Former Longhorns Michael Huff, Kwame Cavil, Nathan Vasher, Bo Scaife, Derrick Johnson and Kasey Studdard are scheduled to participate, while former special teams player Richard Hightower, now an assistant coach with the Houston Texans, will run the camp.
“It’s always good to get the Big 3 back together,” Williams said earlier this month. “We always talked about doing this thing together and it’s worked out for all of us.”
It’s not only refreshing to see them working together on a project, it’s also nice to see Thomas and Johnson striving for success despite not making the NFL millions they envisioned as youngsters.