All Points Bulletin for Kathryn Barkett Byrd

The following is a repost from a Flowood Chamber of Commerce email to all members. Kathryn Barkett Byrd is a former Miss Flowood, and the daughter of Dr. Linda Barkett, a Dentist in Flowood. The email, authored by her employer, Tempstaff, Inc., is as follows:

We need your help! Kathryn Byrd is a TempStaff Staffing Supervisor in our Jackson Office Support Division. She was recently diagnosed with e.Coli and she has started to go into kidney failure.

Katherine is in desperate need of plasma in order to do her next treatment…..and they need do it today! The plasma does have to be a match of O+, O or AB+.

She is also in need of whole blood. You do not have to be a match for her blood, she will still get credit if you give.

Please visit your local Mississippi Blood Services location to donate. If you are unable to donate today, please donate as soon as possible.




Mississippi Hippy

On a sadder note, a dear friend of mine, Katherine Barkett Byrd, is in critical condition at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, MS. She has been diagnosed with a blood disorder called HUS/TTP Sydrome. This is a very very serious disorder, and she will need many blood transfusions. Currently, there is not enough blood in the Mississippi blood banks to complete her treatment. If you are in Mississippi and are able, please go donate blood in the name of Katherine Barkett Byrd at Mississippi Blood Services. She is beautiful woman, inside and out, and it would be so greatly appreciated by her family and friends. Katherine can accept all blood types, but AB+ and O+ are especially good for her.