John Mayo: Cruz guilty of demagoguery

Sunday morning I arose early, turned on the news to the headline, “There is no room for Christians in today’s Democratic Party”— Republican candidate for president, Ted Cruz.

To say that I was incensed would be an understatement. I could not believe a candidate for president, or anyone in a position of leadership, could make such an assertion. For a person to set himself up in judgment to decide who is Christian and who is not, puts himself in the position of God….

…Until war’s end, Jews and others were killed by the millions to rid Germany of its “problem.”

I am not about to compare Cruz to Hitler, but his words certainly compare. Propaganda defines “the problem,” selects a scapegoat and transfers people’s fear and anger by laying and implying that getting rid of the scapegoat, brings about the “final solution” to our problem.

Cruz may as well have said, “We can solve our problems with God and country, if we just eliminate those Democrats.” Entering the sphere of hate, Cruz’s rhetoric went beyond political speak….

John Mayo lives in Clarksdale and is a former state legislator. Contact him at [email protected]