This former Supreme Court justice isn’t ready to ride off into the sunset

Chuck McRae has never been your average guy.

The attorney who made his way from Pascagoula to the state Supreme Court can’t even catch a pedestrian illness like the rest of us.

One of Mississippi’s most colorful characters, McRae was, in the summer of 2016, enjoying life as always. Good times spent with his family in Hawaii and Mexico, interspersed with road trips on his Harley Davidson, filled his Facebook wall.

McRae can be described as “older,” shall we say, only in the chronological sense. (Don’t ask his age. He’s not talking.)…

…Mayo found that the sources of his ills were two rare bacterial infections — Ralstonia and caulobacter, which usually does not occur in humans. He was treated with the right antibiotics and declared well in December, just in time for Christmas at the Dallas home of his daughter and son-in-law, Shane Langston.