Heller vs. Wicker: Battle for NRSC Chair Goes Down to Wire

But as with Heller, there are concerns. Wicker can raise money at home and on K Street, but it’s unclear what kind of appeal he would have in New York or Silicon Valley, where the party is working to expand its fundraising footprint. As for campaigning, Wicker’s lack of political battle experience makes him a sort of unknown quantity. Given his few real races, Wicker doesn’t have a very large political operation, and several strategists said there were questions about who exactly would serve on the NRSC under Wicker.

Lott said he was fond of both Wicker and Heller, noting that all three of them are fraternity brothers—former Sigma Nus. “Either one of these guys would be great, but I’ve got to stick by my homie,” Lott said.

Wicker has reached out to Lott, who served in several leadership positions during his tenure in the Senate, for advice on the race. “I asked him quite frankly: Why in the world would you want that job?” Lott said. “It’s a tough leadership position. … It’s really the only leadership position that I never wanted and never held.”

National Journal