Former Terry mayor to serve 10 years

Former Terry Mayor Rod Nicholson will serve 10 years behind bars after being sentenced Monday in Rankin Circuit Court.

Nicholson was sentenced to 40 years, with 30 suspended, said Michael Guest, district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties. He will face five years of supervised probation and will pay restitution of $6,198.62.

Nicholson was arrested March 30 after being indicted by a Rankin County grand jury. Nicholson appeared before Rankin County Circuit Judge William E. Chapman III in November and entered an open plea of guilty to five counts of embezzlement by a public official, said Attorney General Jim Hood, whose office prosecuted the case…

…Nicholson used the city’s credit card to pay for repairs totaling more than $2,700 on two personal vehicles on five occasions at dealerships in Brandon and