State Dept. of Education Owes Yazoo City Kids an Explanation

Yazoo City Superintendent Dr. Arthur Cartlidge told MDE in last week’s hearings on school takeovers “I think we have a team in place now to move forward. I think we can make it happen.”
It’s funny how Yazoo City has moved only backward since Dr. Cartlidge politically usurped Anthony Sudbury during October of 2011, the year I taught at Yazoo City High School.

His tenure as Yazoo City School District’s Puppet in Chief has spelled lower achievement for children and political sanctuary for his handlers.

The students who took the state U.S. History exam in May 2011 had an 80 percent pass rate on the test. Cartlidge’s children in May 2013 had a pass rate of 51 percent.

Algebra was the highest at 61 percent. Biology was a hair under 42 percent in the pass range, and last but not least, only 37.5 percent of your children at YCHS passed the state English exam.

The saddest part of this tale is not that Dr. Cartlidge has failed so mightly in his duty as chief officer over the welfare of hundreds of children. The worst part of this sordid story is that the Mississippi Department of Education doesn’t see anything wrong with the job that he and his political handlers have done with your children.

Dr. Cartlidge told the state department on Thursdaythat he was doing a good job, and the state department in turn said that they agree.

MDE thinks that a 37.5 percent pass rate on last year’s English test is good enough to allow this disaster of a district leader to continue to harm the minds of Yazoo’s children.

MDE thinks that a 30 percent drop in History test scores over three years is perfectly acceptable.
Dr. Cartlidge told MDE that he and Yazoo City do not need help, and MDE agreed.

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