South Mississippi lawmakers don’t want nuclear waste storage in Mississippi

Four South Mississippi lawmakers are asking the state House to oppose storing nuclear waste anywhere in the state.

The day after Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley failed to get a similar resolution passed there, Reps. Hank Zuber and Jeffrey Guice of Ocean Springs, Scott DeLano of Biloxi and Greg Haney of Gulfport filed a concurrent resolution “to oppose the siting of a high-level radioactive waste repository within the borders of the state of Mississippi.”

It would put the House on record in opposition to using salt domes in South Mississippi and to using its ports, roads and airports to transport the waste.

“This resolution reaffirms the unbroken 32-year policy of the state of Mississippi that declares our unalterable opposition to the siting of a radioactive waste repository in our state,” the lawmakers wrote.

The resolution was assigned to the House Rules Committee.