Four of five found after boat capsized

Four survivors have been found of the five boaters who were reported missing Sunday night in Ocean Springs.

The fifth person is still missing. The four survivors have not yet been identified. All four have been sesnt to Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.

The five missing boaters were being sought by the Department of Marine Resources and other agencies. Their boat was found this morning capsized and was brought into the Ocean Springs Harbor.

Officers have been identified as Stephen Bond, 32, Michael Green, 31, patrol officers, and Jonathan Navas, 23, a reserve officer and his wife, Whitney, age unknown. The fifth person is identified as Becky Welch, 37, who is Green’s girlfriend.

Green’s mother confirmed the group was headed to a party on Horn Island. . The four had gone to Horn Island on Sunday in Navas’ 21-foot recreational boat. About 10 p.m. Sunday night, Navas’ parents said they had not returned and the boat trailer was still at the harbor.