Fox News – Childers guest at State of Union meets Obama – invites him to Miss.

As a mother in the late 1950s, her newborn baby fell ill and none of the doctors could figure out what was wrong. Finally, one specialist agreed to see them. But only after he finished with the white patients first. Bridgeforth says the doctor asked her to enter his office through a separate door and take a seat on the floor in the hall until he was ready to see her child.

Just a few hours before the speech, Travis Childers reminded Bridgeforth that she no longer had to suffer those indignities. “Tonight you’re not going to sit in the hall. You’re going to sit there with the First Lady of the United States,” Childers said of her of her special ticket, just feet away from Mrs. Obama. “And now I can go in any door I want to,” Bridgeforth said.

Bridgeforth did more than just sit near the First Lady during the speech. Afterwards, she met the first couple and got her picture taken with them. She also invited Mrs. Obama to visit Mississippi. And she said it was a thrill to meet the president. “I hugged him and I told him I loved him,” Bridgeforth said. “It was the dream of a lifetime.”
Not just a dream. In this case, seeing is believing.

– Chad Pergram covers Congress for FOX News. He’s won an Edward R. Murrow Award and the Joan Barone Award for his reporting on Capitol Hill.
– The Speaker’s Lobby refers to a long, ornate hallway that runs behind the dais in the House chamber. Lawmakers, journalists and aides often confer there during votes.

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