JACKSON—Erik Fleming, Campaign Coordinator for the Committee to Re-Elect
Frank Melton Mayor, issued this response to the television ad being aired by
Democratic Primary opponent, Councilman Marshand Crisler (D-Jackson, Ward 6):
“Councilman Crisler, in his commercial, stated his 4 “P’s” in making his case
to become Jackson’s next mayor. Here are the real 4 “P’s” that define the
Crisler record on the Jackson City Council:

“Pay Raise: Crisler voted against giving a pay raise of two dollars a pay
period to the lowest paid city workers.

“Privacy: Crisler demanded information on all city employees to be released,
under the guise of an investigation, which made those employees vulnerable to
identity theft.

“Passive: Crisler has allowed businesses to close in his ward, which, when he
came into office, was one of the fastest growing wards in the city, and has
not spearheaded any effort to create new job opportunities for his

“Polemical: Crisler has been part of a divisive force on the Jackson City
Council that has threatened to stymie progress in our city and has lowered
the public morale toward its government.

“Our mayor, Frank Melton, needs only one “P” to describe his first term in
office, “proven results”. With strong growth in our downtown area and
dramatic improvements in our inner city community, we are confident that the
voters in Jackson will re-elect our mayor, who is working for Jackson, The
Honorable Frank Melton.”

Frank Melton Campaign Release