Melton to focus on city, election

With round one of Mayor Frank Melton’s federal trial behind him, he likely will turn to his growing to-do list:

Managing the city.
Running for re-election.
Tending to his ailing health.

And preparing for the possibility of a new trial.

Melton proclaimed last week that he was able to juggle many of these stresses during the more than three-week federal trial. But it was not easy.

“I’m a multitasker, so I’m used to doing a lot of things,” the mayor said. “But it has been extremely stressful.”

Melton has until Friday to file paperwork to run for a second, four-year term. He has said he intends to run again for the $120,000-a-year job.

If he runs, he will enter a pool of at least 12 candidates, including a city councilman, a state senator and a former police chief. While Melton sat in court most of the month, many of his top competitors were holding campaign events and raising money.

Clarion Ledger