Phil Bryant Looses Nerve: Campaign Once Again Playing Fast and Loose With the Facts

For the edification of the Bryant Campaign, this is a rebuttal:

The “debates” the Bryant Campaign states as being debates all have a few things in common: they either took place prior to the primary election, they were not broadcast on radio or TV, and they were strictly forums. Forums are simply a Q&A format with no rebuttal – a rebuttal being a necessary condition for an actual debate.

The most prestigious of debates is sponsored by the Stennis Institute, a debate that Governor Barbour and his opponent John Eaves participated in. The Stennis Institute provided in September a broad list of dates in October in which they would be willing to host the debate; however the Bryant campaign, according Stennis Institute Director Marty Wiseman, was “too busy.” Wiseman has since extended the offer to host the debate at “any time.”

“If Phil Bryant can’t discern the difference between a debate and a forum, apparently he doesn’t know what a debate is, or he simply once again is manipulating the facts. Either way his behavior in this situation proves yet again that Mississippian’s simply can’t trust Phil Bryant,” stated Jamie Franks spokesman A.J. Carrillo

“As for the forums, or debates in ‘Phil-speak’, when it comes to forums discussing issues important to working families, Phil has been MIA. He has backed out of the forums hosted by the Coalition for Children and Public Education, the American Association of Retired Persons, and the League of Women Voters. His actions beg the question, when it comes to issues important to working families, what does Phil Bryant have to hide?” concluded spokesman Carrillo.

Jamie Franks Campaign Release