Franks tells POLITICO Dems will remain majority in House

And before Tuesday night’s races, 15.4 million Republicans had already voted in primaries, compared with 12 million Democrats who have turned out for primaries so far in 2010.

“Hopefully, we can rally the base and turn people out,” said Jamie Franks, chair of the Mississippi Democratic Party, who predicted his party will retain control of the House.

What Democrats are watching most closely right now is to see if the field of at-risk seats does indeed keep expanding. There are fresh concerns about Reps. Allen Boyd of Florida, Jim Marshall of Georgia and Leonard Boswell of Iowa — all of whom were recently moved into the toss-up category by respected handicapper Charlie Cook.

In addition, Reps. Ben Chandler of Kentucky and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota were both outraised by their opponents this past quarter, increasing concern about their races.

Given that the DCCC has already purchased ads to defend 54 seats that the party controls, the last thing Democrats need is more seats to have to protect.

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