Washington, DC – As part of an ongoing education reform campaign in Mississippi, FreedomWorks released the names of six House members anticipated to vote against the recently Senate-passed Charter School Bill, SB 2401. The legislation would allow for charter schools across the state, bringing much needed reform to the failing Mississippi school system. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 22 percent of Mississippi 4th graders and 19 percent of 8th graders are proficient in math and reading.

FreedomWorks will be working with a broad coalition of local activists and tea party groups to inform families on the specifics of the educational reform bill, and to expose the individuals in all levels of government blocking the path to progress.

The six anti-reform legislators to be targeted include:

Forrest Hamilton (R, District 6)

Wanda Jennings (R, District 7)

Steve Massengill (R, District 13)

Pat Nelson (R, District 40)

Nick Bain (D, District 2)

Jody Steverson (D, District 4)

David Spielman, Campaigns Coordinator for FreedomWorks commented, “In blocking the path to reform, these six legislators are playing politics with the futures of Mississippi children, and that is unacceptable. It’s time to hold elected officials accountable for the dismal performance of Mississippi schools.”

FreedomWorks has engaged its Mississippi network of roughly 12,000 members to distribute door hangers, palm cards, t-shirts, bumper stickers, as well as to host educational events throughout the state exposing the six legislators blocking reform.

Spielman added, “Charter schools are just a piece of a larger reform that can be done to improve student performance in Mississippi. Governor Bryant seems committed to making these reforms, but if these House legislators stand in their way, FreedomWorks activists will hold them accountable long after this bill has passed.”

For more information on FreedomWorks’ school choice campaign in Mississippi, please visit www.FreedomWorks.org or contact Press Secretary Jackie Bodnar at 202-603-2108.