Freshman Orientation for Member-Elect Palazzo

Today is the first full day of Freshman Orientation for Member-Elect Palazzo. He will be in orientation sessions all day discussing topics such as: managing and hiring a staff, budgeting, writing bills, and house administration.

Sunday evening Member-Elect Palazzo attended dinner hosted by Leader John Boehner. He also had the opportunity to visit with Member-Elect Nunnelee and Congressman Harper.

This evening at 6:00 PM Member-Elect Palazzo will be featured on America’s Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman on Fox Business. He is expected to discuss topics ranging from taxes, and government spending and debt to ObamaCare.

Member-Elect Palazzo had this to say:
“I’m honored to be in Washington, D.C. meeting the other newly elected Members of Congress who had the courage to stand up when our country needed them. I’m eager to get right to work on the issues we campaigned on like stopping Obamacare, cutting taxes and reining in reckless deficit spending.”

Steven Palazzo Press Release (MS-4)