Freshmen senators ready to shake things up in Legislature

The state budget will be the first priority for the Legislature when it convenes in January, Sen.-elect Will Longwitz of Madison predicts.

“We have an antiquated and broken budget process,” said Longwitz who will represent District 25. “It encourages overspending and bloated budgets.

“Republicans are going to stop that old process,” he vowed.

He and fellow freshman Josh Harkins of District 20 are eager to get sworn in Jan. 3 and begin their first term as lawmakers next month.

“It was kind of an information dump on us,” Harkins said of the recent freshman orientation. “But it was interesting to hear about all the agencies. I think we have a dynamic group coming in and I’m looking forward to it.”

Longwitz said orientation almost felt like someone was trying to frighten them with so much information.

Madison County Journal