From Childers Education Event Yesterday

As we noted yesterday, Travis Childers was speaking in Olive Branch yesterday to announce a five point education platform. You can read the bullet points from the speech here.

Alan Lange, as well as one of our readers, has already alluded to this but the word around the event was that there were about 10 supporters- many of whom were staff members- while a much larger (I’ve heard up to 45) group of protestors were also there. The Commercial Appeal makes a note of this. It said many where members of the Mississippi Tea Party.

Also, I’ll say this: I don’t think it is a coincidence that Childers was in- and is spending a good amount of time in- Desoto county. We know he’s not going to carry the county; but a decent showing can stunt any Nunnelee gains around Tupelo and the Eastern part of the district. If we’re doing the math, I think the Nunnelee needs to win around 70 percent in the county to unseat Childers.

Majority in Miss.
Aug. 12