If you’re rooting for the eventual demolishing of the BCS, in favor of a new college football playoff system (meaning you are in fact a human being who possesses a sense of decency, logic and rationality) then you should be rooting for Texas to do the right thing and eventually start the seismic change required to get the ball rolling in the direction of an actual legitimate college football postseason.

You can thank the Big Ten for creating the spark, but the Texas Longhorns are the explosive power mandated to blow this thing up.

However, if you’re a huge proponent of undefeated teams being denied a chance to play for the National Title, and you LOVE the Bowl, as well as the other 30-40 glorified exhibition games occurring every December-January, then by all means root for Texas’ decision to save the Big 12 to remain nothing more than a confirmation of the status quo.

Texas is the Megan Fox of conference realignment scenarios- everyone wants a piece, and they’re simply the hottest thing going right now. By staying in the Big 12, they effectively renamed the conference the “Big Texas.” And that likely works for them because the state motto is “Everything’s bigger in Texas” after all.

Big Ten Guru