Fulmer’s buyout would be $6 million

As Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer continues to try and fight his way out of the deepest hole of his coaching career, the calls for his job among fans are mounting.

Fulmer, in his 16th full season as Tennessee’s head coach, has proved time and time again that he’s as resilient as they get. I wouldn’t count him out this time, either.
That said, I think he has to find a way to finish 7-5 or better to have a chance to come back. If he’s 6-6 or worse, I don’t see many scenarios where he would return. That would be two nonwinning seasons for him in the last four years, and no coach at Tennessee would be able to survive that.

The Vols are off to their first 1-3 start since 1994. They rebounded to finish 8-4 that season.