Changes could cut costs of MAEP

JACKSON – The Mississippi Adequate Education Program, the subject of a litany of legislative fights over the last 12 years, will be much easier to fully fund if changes proposed by Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves come to fruition.

It would take $80 million less to fully fund the Adequate Education Program if it is funded based on the average cost of operating A and B districts, as Reeves has suggested. The current formula uses the average cost of operating C-level districts.

State Superintendent Carey Wright recently provided details of how various potential changes made to the funding formula would affect the amount of money the local school districts receive from the state. Wright said the calculations were requested by members of the Legislature.

“I think they are genuinely trying to come up with a formula that makes everybody happy,” said Wright, adding legislators were trying to ensure all districts were using “best practices.”

Daily Journal